About Us

Design Be Art is a reputable and experienced architectural scale model maker with a passion for creating and building scale models that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Since our establishment in 2008, we have built hundreds of highly sophisticated, detail-oriented models of various scales for architectural and design firms, real estate developers, and government agencies from around the world.

With the combination of our fine, delicate hand craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, strict quality standards, and the world class project planning and production capability, we can successfully bring every client's unique project to life with meticulously detailed scale model in the most cost efficient way, and importantly, within client’s time frame.

We see every architectural model making process as a creation of an art piece. It has been our persistent goal and our strength in creative ability that we can create the best scale model piece for every new project that fits our customer’s budget.


Our Service

Architectural Scale Models
Architects’ Presentation Models / Real Estate Development Models / Site Plan Models / Urban Planning Models / Interior Models

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Museum Exhibition Models

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Engineering Models


Education Models


Why Design Be Art?

Experience with our clients is our reputation. Therefore, we are meticulous in delivering our models with a unique purpose, from architect firms and real estate developers to government agencies both domestic and international.

Experience & Reputation

We possess in our repertoire a world-class project planning & production capability backed by our highly skilled model making staffs and the state-of-art equipment in our 14,000 SQ facility.

  • 25 in-house professional artisans with 10-year average experience in architectural scale model making in various scales and type of projects
  • A dedicated team with 10 staffs for CAD, Graphic Art works
  • State-of-art equipment including laser cutting, 3D CNC/Milling machines
  • In-house R&D center

Design Be Art proudly holds the record of successfully building the largest architectural scale model project in the world.

Planning &Production
Capability and Technology

  • Every project is unique, so our team finds innovative and creative solutions to complete the project in the most cost effective way and in shortest delivery time, without compromising the scale of details and quality.
  • We will carefully review each project’s purpose and needs, and recommend our clients with the best creative solution possible that both maximizes or exceeds their demands.

Strive for Creativity
and Innovation

  • We are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified, and we maintain the highest quality standards.
  • We include our client’s team in the scale model building process by sharing every process of model building through photographs and video clips, from start to shipping and/or installation. This will ensure that our model will fulfill the clients’ needs and design vision.

Quality Assurance Standards

We invite you to go through our project gallery and please feel free to contact us for any questions and/or quotations. We will gladly provide you with cost estimation with lead time on your project in a timely manner.